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all right, you asked for it

November 29th, 2012 · 2 Comments · opinion

Over the course of the last few months, I have had more than a dozen people from both political parties whose opinions I respect ask me to please start up my blog again. Well….here goes nothing. Oh, one thing. In the past when I approved a comment, every comment that person made going forward was automatically approved. Because of a few folks who took advantage, I now will approve each and every comment as it comes.

I guess I should also address some of the language choices I’ve made in past. For those of you who understand the reference, I can go all “Luther” on you in a New York minute. Over Thanksgiving, the wife of one of my favorite cousins who REALLY doesn’t like profanity introduced me to one of her house rules that everyone is asked to follow. She calls it “church mouth,” i.e., don’t let anything come out of your mouth that you wouldn’t use in church. As much as possible, I will try and follow that rule here. Plus, I have discovered a great new (to me) word: gobshite, a word of Irish origin, meaning a person who blabbers on about incredibly senseless things. For instance, Morgan Griffith and Ken “The Cooch” Cuccinelli are both gobshites. See how smoothly those words roll off your tongue?

On those occasions when neither of those options work for me, I’ll put my Aunt Hilda warning up so that you’ll be forewarned. So let me hear from you. Let’s get the dialogue going again.

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  • Drew

    Good to have you back Ron! I’ve been periodically checking your blog to see if you would return…

    A decent election year, besides Gobshite (thanks will be using that for ever now!) Griffith, who has done nothing but posture and primp during his tenure as a rep, getting re-elected… Holding out hope that Anthony Flaccavento will run again next time…

    On the profanity front, what really makes a “bad word” a “bad word”? And if you’ve never seen this, it is worth a few minutes of your time… be warned, there is ample use of profanity on this video,


  • Leanne

    Yay! Nice to have you back!

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