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forget the war on drugs

December 6th, 2012 · 2 Comments · opinion

Forget the war on drugs, we have to declare a war on stupid. Stupid is all around us, but it currently is most evident in our political bodies; specifically the Republican Party. I’m not talking about the fiscal cliff, the rejection of science, the denial of global warming (or climate change,) kowtowing to nutcases like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, or Grover Norquist, or the fact that they don’t accept the reality that they lost the recent election. I’m talking about the rejection by the 39 Republican Senators who voted against ratification of the United Nations treaty that guarantees the international rights of the disabled.

The pathetic paranoids who believe that the US will somehow cede our sovereignty to the blue helmets and black helicopters are delusional. The treaty is based on OUR own twenty-year-old Americans with Disabilities Act, the Gold Standard for the rights of the disabled. The treaty only makes recommendations that other countries adopt our standards; there are NO enforcement provisions. Adoption will make international travel and study abroad easier, especially for disabled VETERANS.  The treaty was signed by George W. Bush. Former Republican Senator and disabled American war hero Bob Dole came to the floor of the Senate in his wheel chair to plead for ratification.

The vote required 67 votes. It got 61.  These people are just stupid, and we have to rid ourselves of stupid in this country.

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  • Harris

    I guess you’ll censor as promised, but maybe you should go back to what you state the blog is about. Your politics are showing and covering up your talent. You sound shrill. Honestly, we here enough of the rhetoretic as it is. Be entertaining again.

  • Leanne

    You gotta be you!

    I respectfully disagree with Harris. I think you should blog about what you are passionate about. For you that would include food, politics, sociology, and nature for starters. Besides, I found this post, though serious in nature, to be entertainingly written.

    You take all of your passions quite seriously. I don’t think you could sound laid back if you tried ;)

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